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Rabbonim of the dati leumi community met on Sunday evening in the home of Rabbi Eitan Eiseman to speak about who to back in the upcoming mayoral runoff race. They were unable to reach a unanimous decision as to which candidate to back in the runoff election on 5 Kislev, Ofer Berkowitz or Moshe Leon. According to the chairwoman of Bayit Yehudi in Jerusalem, Chagit Moshe, in her opening remarks before the dati leumi dating, it all comes down to who will safeguard the character and integrity of the capital, and at present, no decision has been reached. Before announcing that they were backing Elkin, three polls were taken at the cost of NIStowards determining who the dati leumi tzibur was going to back in the race. Those demands included her being appointed deputy mayor for five years, as well as the chair of the Finance and Education portfolios, and the appointment of a dati leumi chief rabbi.

I beg to disagree dati leumi dating you on this one. The Arabs and the Hareidim have also had to swallow a lot of frogs from the government of Israel. That wasn't me talking that was a Charedi political commentator talking 2. Not lately.

The title of this post is intended to ask a question, not to provide the answer. I am in Israel for most of the summer and this is an extraordinarily painful time for many, specifically those who identify with Dati Leumi. The obvious reason is the Gaza withdrawal. Although my affiliation is essentially in the charedi sector, notably the yeshiva world, I have long regarded the Dati Leumi people with whom I have contact as individuals blessed with the highest ideals and values, people who exemplify true Torah modesty and who are extraordinarily sincere and careful in their devotion to mitzvos. It seems to me that the charedi world, at least dati leumi dating Israel, is uncaring about the open wounds being experienced by many Dati Leumi. Is this deliberate?
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Before the establishment of the State of IsraelReligious Zionists were mainly observant Jews who supported Zionist efforts to build a Jewish state in the Land of Israel. After the Six-Day Warand the capture of the West Banka territory referred to in Jewish terms as Judea and Samariaright-wing components of the Religious Zionist movement integrated nationalist revindication [ further explanation needed dati leumi datingand evolved into Neo-Zionism. InGerman Orthodox Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer published his tractate Derishat Zionpositing that the salvation of the Jews, promised by the Prophetscan come about only by self-help. The main ideologue of modern Religious Zionism was Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kookwho justified Zionism according to Jewish lawand urged young religious Jews to support efforts to settle the land, and the secular Labour Zionists to give more consideration to Judaism. Kook saw Zionism as a part of a divine scheme which would result in the resettlement of the Jewish people in its homeland. This would bring salvation "Geula" to Jews, and then to the entire world.

Kol Hakovod for what you wrote tonight. Dati leumi dating am impressed in your wording and your caringness. Thanks for writing it and seeing the light. The only thing that I'll quibble with is that in a democracy, the candidates will pander and stoop down to what the voters want to hear. In the Charedi community, it is often the case that people want to be told what to do. Uncertainty is difficult; it is much easier to hand over he decision to someone else. Daas Torah is not necessarily something forced onto people; it is something that gives them both an anchor and a crutch. If I have a difficult life decision to make, it is a lot easier to avoid the anxiety, wavering and second-guessing that inevitably accompanies such a decision, when I can shift the responsibility to someone via Daas Torah. So I would qualify this statement: "We see that charedi rabbonim use their position to exert maximal power and control over their followers. Dati-leumi rabbanim have more respect for their followers.

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